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An Endless Domestic Landscape

This thesis explores how the exponential growth in communication technology is changing the way we interact with tangible and intangible spaces.

The project envisions a dystopian future where users are prisoners of their technologies. The project addresses issues such as privacy and domesticity in a satirical way by constructing a “tech company” and how it uses strategies to capitalize on its users.


Britton Memorial Awards Thesis Prize,

Faculty Prize

Partner: Phang Lim
Senior Thesis, 2021

The domestic space has lost its value of privacy and intimacy, and the boundary between the binaries will be no more. The invasion of the public into the private, the collective into the domestic, the work into the leisure, and the ability to be constantly connected wirelessly have caused a dissolution of the physical domestic space. The gap between “the control” and “controlled” has widened, and productive workers will be oppressed to be even more productive under the aid of communication technology. A house is a place of production that is less defined by the tangible but rather with the objects and technology within itself.


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